Probably Assisi is one of the most favorite cities in Italy. It blends the charm of a medieval village on the top of a hill with the artistic magnitude you could expect from a historical Italian town, and the spiritual intensity associated with its Franciscan origins. Its landscape – especially in springtime – is one of the most inspiring at the heart of Italy. It has profoundly touched the heart and mind of artists, thinkers and religious people alike. Today it has become a point of convergence for many religious seekers.
Assisi has been honoured as the ‘city of peace’ on account of the numerous meetings that brought people from different religious and political affiliations to pray for peace. Perhaps it could also provide an ideal environment for those – including theologians – seeking to promote healthy encounter and dialogue between disciplinary areas.

Assisi is located 180 km from Rome. Several trains link the two cities every day through pleasant landscape in an average time of 2 hours. The hotel ‘Domus Pacis’, where the ISERT Conference is to be held, is located in the valley of Assisi, close to the monumental Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. It is a very functional structure, well equipped for conferences, with accommodation facilities for over 300 persons.

For more information, please check: http://domuspacis.it

For those who would like to arrive earlier or to stay longer in Assisi, special procedures and conditions are provided at the same Hotel. However, you need to do the booking directly on the website of the Hotel.
There is also the possibility for those who wish to stay in Rome, the days before and after the Conference, in the Franciscan Monastery at the city centre, for very convenient prices. To avail of this opportunity, please contact the main organizer: loviedo@antonianum.eu.

Instructions for travel to Assisi and the Conference site: Hotel Domus Pacis
The easiest and quickest way to reach Assisi is through the Rome airports; Florence and Perugia are other possibilities.
When flying to Rome, most people will arrive at Fiumicino Airport; those flying with Ryanair will land at Ciampino Airport. You will then need to transfer to Termini rail station in the city centre. From Fiumicino you can do this by train; from both airports, you can also use the bus (cheaper), taxi or private shuttle. See further instructions below for onward travel to Assisi.
If you land at the Florence airport, then take the local bus to the train station and then train to Assisi. There are many trains linking Florence with Assisi, but the trip lasts half an hour longer and costs a little bit more.
From the airport at Perugia, take the local bus to the train station and from there travel by train to Assisi, a 20 minutes trip.
There are many trains from Rome to Assisi (16 daily: see timetable). At the Rome Termini station, you need to get the ticket to Assisi. Ticket purchase sometimes could be burdensome with long queues. To save time you can resort to the many automatic tickets dispensers in the Station hall, which are quite user-friendly. If you prefer, tickets for Assisi can be bought at Fiumicino Airport rail station as well, and there is generally a shorter queue! Evidently, you could also buy it on the Internet.
Once you have the ticket you need to find your track. Termini is a huge station with 30 platforms, so you need to be careful. Some trains depart from a distant platform, at the end of the left quay; it is a five minutes’ walk to reach the corresponding track. Many trains travelling to Assisi go further and hence the destination maybe ‘Cortona’ or ‘Perugia’ or some other; so check carefully the departure and arrival time!
Please pay attention to the fact that five trains go directly to Assisi; instead, 11 other trains require that you change train, usually at the Foligno Station, very close to Assisi (20 km). The same happens with trains from Firenze (Florence), but in that case, the usual changing station is ‘Terontola’. In any case, the trip is very beautiful through one of the most charming landscapes of Italy.
When you arrive at the Assisi rail station, the hotel Domus Pacis is about 1 km away. You can walk, you can get a local bus, or a taxi to the hotel. Everybody in the town knows this hotel, which is located just close to the big Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli or Porziuncola, the biggest building in the area.
The Conference site is in the valley, so there are no ups and downs to be faced. The hotel is modern structure with all the equipment and facilities to help also visitors with mobility limitations. As for the excursions to the historical town on the hill, extra transportation would be organized for those who desire it.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact Lluis Oviedo: loviedo@antonianum.eu