ISERT Conference, Assisi, 19-22 June 2022


Institutional and personal dimensions of religiosity and current societal challenges

Religious traditions do not only offer beliefs and practices that contribute to meaning construction when confronted with contingent experiences at individual level, but also hold thoughts and values that may influence attitudes towards current societal challenges. Global challenges such as the ecological crisis, poverty, socio-economic inequality and ethno-cultural conflicts may contain interesting religious dimensions that call for further reflection based on empirical exploration.

How can these societal challenges be understood from empirically informed religious perspectives, and how does religion favour or hinder their potential solutions?

Some scholars reckon that religion may induce sustainability, social harmony and human flourishing through the dissemination of constructive values. Others maintain that particular societal actors are far more efficient in taking responsibility for ecology, solidarity and personal integrity, and point to the detrimental effects of religion in this regard. Against this background, we want to explore through theoretical and empirical research whether societal challenges call for some renovations in religious beliefs and practices. In short, this conference will focus on the reciprocal impact between institutional and personal dimensions of religion and the current challenges in ecology, solidarity and human flourishing

The conference starts with the Opening Address on evening 19 June 2022 and culminates on 21 June 2022 with conference dinner.

Conference closes on 22 June 2022 with the breakfast informal meeting, and rest of the day is free for cultural visits for those who desire (participants have to arrange for extra nights and meals themselves).

The Conference will be organized by the local team, composed by Prof. Lluis Oviedo, from Pontifical University Antonianum in Rome, and Prof. Francis-Vincent Anthony, from Salesian Pontifical University in Rome.

On behalf of the organisers, welcome to ISERT 2022.
Looking forward to your contributions to the conference!

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Francis-Vincent Anthony: